About me

Hi and welcome to my journey from a couch potato to a marathon runner. My name is Harshita, a twenty point something currently living in the Delhi/NCR of India. I am a vegetarian with a love for food who realised early on that unlike most teenagers with skinny figures and diet control, I had zilch control over my food intake. My love for ice cream and low metabolism didn’t help my curves either.

Having been healthy for most of my young adult years, I never thought of myself as overweight or obese, nor did I envy the absurdly ruler like thin bodies with no curves. No offence to anyone who has or desires this. So begs the question what got me jump started on this journey?

My love, my Labrador, Lexi. A little pampered ball of love that is a little overweight and a lot lazy. Her description of a walk is going out to do her business at about 200 metres and back. When one of her fur buddies, Bruno, passed away at just above 9 years, I was worried because he had a difficult time that was not aided by his weight. This spurred me into action.

On my journey to fitness with Lexi, I wanted to explore something new and decided to finally start running, a prospect I have been procrastinating about for almost 2 years. And since I have a passion for writing, why not take down 2 birds with 1 stone. Hence this blog to motivate me by journalising my journey without giving up along the way. So lace up and get ready to Run. Write. Repeat.